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Tips for Navigating Roundabouts

Now that both roundabouts are functioning, here are a few helpful reminders to help drivers navigate safely through them:

Slow down! Roundabouts are designed for 20 MPH or less.

Yield. The single most important rule is to YIELD to traffic inside the roundabout and to traffic exiting the roundabout and pedestrians in a crosswalk.

Choose your lane. BEFORE entering a roundabout, choose the left or the right lane based upon your intended destination exit.

Drive counter-clockwise. You must follow the one-way traffic pattern.

Do not change lanes. Maintain your chosen lane position until you exit the roundabout.

Be aware of large trucks and trailers. Trucks may have to straddle both lanes. Stay behind large trucks and never drive next to or pass trucks while in a roundabout.

Give emergency vehicles the right-of-way. If you have not yet entered the roundabout and you observe an emergency vehicle, pull over to the right and allow it to pass. Never stop while inside a roundabout. Instead, continue to your exit and then pull over to the right shoulder of the roadway to allow the emergency vehicle to pass.

Click here to view a step-by-step video on how to drive a roundabout.