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What is GoForward Gahanna?

GoForward Gahanna is a community driven Strategic Plan that expresses the values and aspirations of the community. Rooted in measured outcomes, the plan is driven and supported by actions for the community to undertake to achieve desired results. The City of Gahanna embarked on a community wide engagement process and integrated results into a compelling action agenda for the future of the City. 

 Strategic Priority Areas






About the GoForward Gahanna Project

The City of Gahanna has begun a process to develop a community-driven strategic plan that is rooted in and focused on achieving measurable results for the community. The overall planning process was kicked off with a robust set of ten public engagement events, starting in January 2016. An Outreach Team comprised of several community leaders and volunteers has been developed to help spread the word about this exciting opportunity and personally invite the community to get involved.

In January and February, we held 10 public workshops in a variety of locations around the city to Listen and Learn about what matters most to the Gahanna community. Between these meetings and an online forum, we gathered over 900 ideas from nearly 300 participants. A summary of the Listening and Learning phase can be found here.​

Working with our consulting partners, we sorted and analyzed the community input and synthesized it with information gathered in one-on-one interviews with current and former elected officials and employee focus groups.

The product of this work is GoForward Gahanna: Results that Matter, our citywide strategic plan that will guide our policy agenda, budgets and management for the next five years. 

The GoForward Gahanna plan focuses on five strategic priority areas that are critically important for the City to be successful:

-Business & Job Development
-Roads, Bridges & Infrastructure
-Parks, Trails & Recreation
-Character of the City
-Good Government

The full plan can be found here


GoForward Gahanna FAQs

1. What is a Community-Driven Strategic Plan?
A Community-Driven Strategic Plan is a guide that expresses the values and aspirations of the community. The plan is supported by specific actions for the community to undertake to achieve desired results. It is based on exclusive input from anyone in the community that cares about the future of the place they live, work, or play. These aspirations are integrated with technical analysis of conditions and trends to create a compelling action agenda for the future that is rooted in measured results.

2. Why does Gahanna need a Community-Driven Strategic Plan?
In general, planning represents good stewardship. There has never been a better time to consider our community's values in light of local, regional and national trends, and develop well-supported policies to create the best possible future. The City of Gahanna sees the importance of creating a plan that is rooted in measurable outcomes that will achieve specific results for the community. This plan will be strategic, priority and results driven and most importantly, implementable.

3. Who will lead the strategic planning process?
The City Staff is working closely with two planning and consulting firms to facilitate the public process and work closely with the city departments to create a realistic strategy for the future of Gahanna that is based upon desired outcomes and measures. There is also an Outreach Team, which is a broad-based citizen group charged with spreading the word about the process and inviting people to participate.

4. How is the strategic plan different from the Economic Development Strategy?
The strategic planning process is a community-wide planning effort- it will focus on developing strategies for a number of different aspects to community life such as parks and recreation, youth, transportation and infrastructure. This is a separate and different process that is just kicking off. The Economic Development Strategy focuses solely on economic development and fiscal issues and was completed in 2015.

5. Is there a role for residents to get involved?
Yes! City leaders are committed to an open and inclusive process. Anybody that cares about the future of Gahanna will be able to participate and contribute their ideas and insight.

6. How can I participate in this planning process?
There will be multiple opportunities for face-to-face engagement and we encourage you to come to as many events as possible to support the planning process and share your ideas. More details about the process can be found at

7. Are there any upcoming public participation opportunities?
Not at this time. 

8. Do I have to be an expert to contribute ideas?
You are an expert if you live or work in Gahanna. Who knows the community better than someone who lives or works here?

9. What is the timeline for completing the plan?
The plan is scheduled to be completed and adopted by the end of March 2016.

10. Where can I learn more?
For more information about this exciting opportunity visit or go to our Facebook page.  You may also contact: 

Jennifer Teal
City Administrator 
200 S. Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH 43230
(614) 342-4045