Mayor's Court

200 South Hamilton, Gahanna, OH 43230 | (614) 342-4080 | FAX (614) 342-4180
Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F

Gahanna Mayor's Court hears misdemeanor offenses that occur in the jurisdiction of the Gahanna Police Division, with the exception of 2nd offense driving under the influence and 2nd offense driving under DUI suspension or FRA (Financial Responsibility) suspension. In addition, domestic violence cases are excluded from Mayor's Court jurisdiction. Mayor's Court is in session at 9:00 am each Thursday. Other types of cases heard by the Mayor's Court include, but are not limited to, zoning cases, passing bad checks, assaults, animal-related cases and tax-related cases.

The Gahanna Clerk of Court's office is located in the Gahanna City Hall Building.

For inquiries regarding court appearances, fine and costs amounts, court procedures and other court matters, you may call the Clerk of Court's office at (614) 342-4080 or see the "Courts" section of the Frequently Asked Questions. To view a diagram of the Court process, click here.

Appeal Process
If you are found guilty in the Gahanna Mayor's Court you have the right to appeal your case to the Franklin County Municipal court, pursuant to ORC section 1905.23. You have 10 days (including weekends) from date of conviction to file an appeal at the Clerk of Court's office.

If you need a warrant removed outside of normal business hours, payment in full must be made at the Gahanna Police Department (460 Rocky Fork Blvd., Gahanna, Ohio 43230).

Be advised - if payment in full is made online, active warrants will remain in effect until such time as the court is notified of payment during normal business hours.

Unclaimed Funds Held by the Gahanna Mayor's Court

Per ORC 1901.31, the Gahanna Mayor's Court shall make a list of the titles of all cases in the court that were finally determined more than one year past in which there remains unclaimed in the possession of the clerk any funds, or a part of a deposit for security of costs not consumed by the costs in the case.

Below is a list of funds.  If you or someone you know is a party to the case or the potential receipt of funds contact Amanda Parker, Clerk of Courts at 614.342.4080 to claim funds.  These funds will be declared unclaimed funds the first business day of April 2016.

Payee Check Amount
Billie J. Stamm 35.00
Melissa C. Moziejko 20.00
Brian Hoyt Greggs  68.00
Housaine Drammeh 20.00
Tuara j. Williams 2.00
Yuzo Suzuki 10.00
Sarah Lynn Schaffer 6.00
Lemuel M. Arcamo 52.00
Rogal Harris 4.00
Rolando Sevilla Welkin  102.00
Hye Cha Xi  164.00

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