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Building on our mission to educate the public about the benefits and various uses of herbs in everyday life, the Ohio Herb Education Center offers a variety of learning opportunities. Whether you are looking for new culinary twists, in-depth gardening advice, wellness information or ideas on how to use your herbs, we offer programs that inspire you to try something new.

Explore our current list of preregistered programs:

Workshops- one-time sessions on a single topic that rotate seasonally
Intensives- a series of classes that allow participants to delve into specific areas of herb education

Create a custom herbal program for your group:

Experiences- select an herbal theme to explore and let us lead you through a hands-on activity
Speaking- invite one of our knowledgeable speakers to come to your venue for an in-depth presentation



"Such a cool, unique place to learn. I learned so much and can't wait to try it out." -Alyssa

"A hidden 'gem'. I was so excited that something like this exists. It amazes me that such quality products can be made so inexpensively." -Barbara

"It was very laid back and relaxed environment. The instructor had a soothing voice that made me feel like no matter how it turned out, all was ok. I had a wonderful afternoon and am anxious to show my herbal beads and describe the course at my next herbal group meeting. Thanks so much!"

"Great class! I enjoyed hearing how to use herbs in the kitchen. I made herbal salt later that afternoon. I like to try new recipes and the take home soup wreath was fun to assemble."

"I learned a lot of great tips about drying herbs and what can be done with herbs. I enjoy being with a group of people with similar interests."