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The Gahanna Department of Parks & Recreation maintains of the bikeways, nature paths and multi-purpose trails in Gahanna. These trails are located in many public parks within Gahanna, and the vast majority are paved, conveniently located near parking lots, and are handicapped-accessible.

According to the 2006 Parks & Recreation Master Plan, the development of better connectivity throughout the community through the expansion of bikeways, greenways and multipurpose trails was of the utmost importance to residents. 81% of residents believed there is a serious need or some need to develop additional walking or biking trails, and to connect existing trails.

Based on these findings, the Department, with the assistance of the Bicycle and Trail Advisory Committee (BTAC), a committee created by the Parks Board and composed of community volunteers, is dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of trails in order to increase connectivity within our community, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and to strive to make our community an attractive city in which to live, work and play. To visit their Google website for updated notes and information, click here.

In addition to the constant maintenance and updates to our current trail system, new or continuous projects include:

The Big Walnut Creek Bikeway Project
A bikeway which, upon completion, will follow the Big Walnut Creek through the length of Gahanna from Morse Road to Pizzurro Park. This project is currently in the first stages of planning, and seeks to connect current trails with proposed trails, which were unveiled at a public meeting hosted by the BAC on Wednesday, May 7, 2008. For a copy of the preliminary plans, please see "Preliminary Plans" in the Project Information sidebox. To comment on these plans, please contact Parks & Rec.

Gahanna Bikeway Routes
As part of the 2010 Bikeway Master Plan (see below), a series of east-west and north-south bicycle routes were identified. These routes are marked with green Bike Route signs, and assist directing cyclists to the Big Walnut Creek Trail and various city destinations. The signs were installed in stages throughout 2011. For a map of these signed routes, click the link below.

  • Gahanna Bikeway Routes & Trails (11x17)

    The Safe Routes to School Grant
    This grant was awarded to the Department in 2008 by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). In cooperation with Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools, it will help create safer routes for children to walk or bike to school, to increase public safety and improve the health of our children through exercise. Please check this webpage for future updates on this project.

    The Gahanna Bikeway Master Plan
     Originally adopted in 1999, the Gahanna Bikeways Master Plan will be updated in 2010. The new plan includes updated maps of current multipurpose trails, identifies potential bike routes and proposes a signage package to identify these routes. The purpose of the plan is to provide a framework for the development of a comprehensive bikeway system throughout Gahanna. For a copy of the Bikeway Master Plan, please see the project information box at the side or contact the Parks & Recreation office at 342-4250.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • 2010 Bikeway Master Plan (PDF)