Herbal education is a lifelong study. Intensives are a series of classes providing a more immersive experience. Students study with the herb center staff as well as herb experts from around Ohio to learn botany, in depth herb profiles, herbal folklore and history, and culinary or wellness approaches. Moving beyond lecture, students also examine and experiment with herbs using multi-sensory techniques and learning practical, hands-on applications. Intensives courses require curiosity and commitment, but students find they gain a new and deeper understanding of herbs.

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Registration is required. We reserve the right to cancel classes due to limited enrollment. Intensives are non-refundable.

Classes are held at the Ohio Herb Education Center, 110 Mill Street, unless otherwise listed.



Fundamentals of Home Herbalism

Cultivate the joy that herbalism can bring in to your life and the lives of those you love as we gather knowledge, confidence, and inspiration for holistic living.

This six-week intensive course is designed to educate herb lovers on how to use healing herbs in support of your vitality and wellness, while giving you the tools necessary to bring herbalism into your home in a safe, fun and inspiring way. Participants receive over 30 hours of professionally instructed sessions as well as substantiated herbal course materials, trustworthy resources, and simple recipes to practice at home.

Part I Class Lecture:
On two Saturdays each month, Class will present an in-depth exploration of body systems, understanding how herbs work, and methods for creating an herbal wellness strategy.

Dates: September 23, October 7, 21, November 4, 18, and December 2
Time: 10am-2pm

Part II Technique:
One Wednesday evening each month will be dedicated to learning practical applications of traditional herbal preparations.

Dates: September 27, October 25, & November 29
Times: 6:30-8pm

Reviews from the 2016 Class
"I thought Erika and Brooke's teamwork really made this class fun, intriguing and logical. Going over the anatomy was also amazing and all the resources provided really helps in trying to learn herbalism. Well worth the investment."

"A wonderful class that has changed my world. Thanks!"

For more information please download the pdf
Fundamentals of Home Herbalism PDF

Payment plans available. To register, please call 614-342-4380.
Registration is required.

Gahanna Herb Group

The Gahanna Herb Group is a 9-month program that focuses on herbs and their uses. Each month participants study one herb in depth, as well as learn hands-on culinary, cultivation and craft techniques. Herbs are viewed and studied from botanical, historical, folkloric, wellness points of view. This group receives informative guides that extend the learning beyond the classroom. Instructors include Herb Center staff as well as guest experts from Central Ohio. This cooperative learning environment is for individuals who would like to dedicate time to earn a deeper understanding of all things herbal.

Benefits include: monthly class, fresh or dried herb for home practice, 10% off all gift shop items, one complimentary class pass to attend an additional class taught the by herb center staff.

“The instructors worked well together and were very informative. They made learning about herbs fun. I liked the hands on approach that kept the classes interesting and I was able to use what I learned right away.” –Barb F.

Dates: 2nd Tuesday of the Month:
Tuesdays, September 12, October 10, November 14, December 12, January 9, February 13, March 13, April 10, and May 8
Time: 6:30-8pm

For more information please download the pdf
Gahanna Herb Group PDF

To register please call 614.342.4380.
Registration is required.