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Youth and Family Programs

Youth Fitness & Fun
Certified personal trainer Mark Caraway brings his experience to Gahanna Parks & Recreation by providing adult and youth fitness programs bringing an enthusiastic, energetic approach to fitness that will inspire and engage. Mark’s certifications include NESTA Personal Training, NASM Corrective Specialist, ACSM Inclusive Fitness Trainer, Les Mill BodyPump, C.A.T.C.H. (coordinated approach to child health) and has been training for 10+ years through YMCA’s, fitness clubs and Wright State University.

Youth fitness will cover the 5 key elements of physical fitness; stability, strength, cardio, agility and flexibility. This class will teach your child more than 40 new exercises in a fun & interactive format. The participants will not only exercise in class, but will be provided family friendly homework exercises to do throughout the week. Your child’s fitness progress will be measured by a fitness test done at the beginning of the 8 week session and at the end. Parents will be invited to join us for the 8th session for the final Fitness Test.
Activity     Ages    Day Date                    Time            RDR/SR
302801A     6-9    Mon Mar 23 – May 18*      5:30-6:30p     $80/$90 302801B    10-12    Mon Mar 23 – May 18*      6:30-7:30p     $80/$90
302801C     6-9          Mon      June 1 – Jul 20        5:30-6:30p     $80/$90
302801D     10-12      Mon     June 1 – Jul 20        6:30-7:30p   $80/$90
Location: Gahanna Municipal Golf Course Clubhouse, 220 Olde Ridenour Rd *Skip April 6

Midwest Youth Team Tennis
Whether or not your child has ever held a racquet, there is a spot on a team for them. Kids play 10 and Under Tennis, which includes age appropriate equipment and courts scaled to the right size. Midwest Youth Team Tennis makes the game more accessible and more fun by allowing kids to play, rally and succeed right from the start. Every Player Receives:  age appropriate tennis racquet and ball, team t-shirt,1-Year USTA Junior Membership, sling bag and more! Registration closes on June 19.
Class Title/Grade   Day Date Time
300301A Ses I/1-3       Wed & Sun July 8-Aug 2 5:45-6:45pm
300301B Ses II/4-6       Wed & Sun July 8-Aug 2 7:00-8:00pm
Location: Hannah Park, 6547 Clark State Rd.
Early Bird Rate (through June 12) $65/$75
Regular Fees (June 13-19) $85/$95


Jump Start Sports

Jump Start Sports offers creative sports programs that teach fundamentals, fair play and teamwork. Qualified instructors provide youth with a foundation for growth and nurture their love of sport in an environment that focuses on fun and learning rather than competition. All programs include a t-shirt. More information is available at

T-Birds T-Ball

Players learn the basics of catching, fielding, throwing, and hitting. Then they apply what they've learned in fun, non-competitive games. Parents are encouraged to participate in the coaching and are provided practice plans and assistance in coaching young children *Schedule TBA before start of season, each player will be placed on a team and scheduled within the time block that they have registered. Includes an MLB hat, team shirt, and participation award.
Instructors: Jump Start. 6 weeks
Ages: 3-4 years

Activity  Ages          Day             Dates                 Time(s)        RDR/SR
301302A  3-4           Thu              May 7-Jun 11    4:30pm          $69/$79
301302B  3-4           Thu              May 7-Jun 11    5:30pm          $69/$79
301302C  3-4           Thu              May 7-Jun 11    6:30pm          $69/$79

 Location: Woodside Green Park, 213 Camrose Court

Rookie League Coach Pitch
Coach pitch baseball for 5-6 year olds. Players will receive instruction in all basics of the sport, and will apply what they have learned in fun games. The games will be non-competitive and no score will be kept. Players who are not able to hit a pitched ball will be able to use a tee while learning.  Parents are welcomed to assist.  Each session includes instruction and game play.
*Each player will be placed on a team and scheduled for a game starting at either 5:30pm or 6:45pm with full season schedule completed prior to first game, time preference request must be in writing with registration. Includes an MLB hat, team shirt, and participation award.

Instructors: Jump Start. 6 weeks. Co-ed

Activity  Ages       Day         Dates             Time(s)       RDR/SR
301306A  5-6         Tue         May 5-Jun 9      5:30-6:45pm         $69/$79
301306B  5-6          Tue         May 5-Jun 9      6:45-8:00pm           $69/$79

Location:Woodside Green Park, 213 Camrose Court

Summer Youth Soccer
Children have fun and learn the basics of soccer: dribbling, passing, trapping, shooting and positioning. Each session consists of instruction in each aspect of the game, participation in fun drills that are designed to teach skills, and low-key, non-competitive game.  All coaching will be conducted by Jump Start Sports staff, but parents may assist. 6 weeks

Activity    Ages        Day              Dates                  Time(s)               RDR/SR                
301304A   3-4           Sat               June 6-July 18*   9-10am               $69/$79
301304B   5-6           Sat               June 6-July 18*   10-11am             $69/$79                
301304C   7-9           Sat               June 6-July 18*   11am-12:15pm   $69/$79  
*skip July 4

Tumblin’ 4 Kids
The enthusiastic Tumblin’ 4 Kids staff lead these motivational tumbling and gymnastics classes. Participants will learn proper stretching, tumbling and apparatus skills in a fun, encouraging environment!

Summer: 6 Weeks, Wednesdays- skip 7/29
Location: Golf Course Clubhouse, 220 Olde Ridenour Rd.
Class       Title/Age Day Date Time         RDR/SR      
300101A TmbTots/2-3 Wed Jul 1-Aug 12* 5:30-6:00pm $60/$70 
300101C   TmbTots/2-3 Wed Jul 1-Aug 12* 5:00-5:30pm $60/$70 
300102A   TmbTykes/3-4 Wed Jul 1-Aug 12* 6:00-6:30pm $60/$70 
300103A   TmbKidsI/ 4-5 Wed Jul 1-Aug 12* 6:30-7:00pm $60/$70 
300104A   TmbKidsII/5-6 Wed Jul 1-Aug 12* 7:00-7:30pm $60/$70 
300108A   TurboTmb/7-12 Wed Jul 1-Aug 12* 7:30-8:00pm $60/$70 

Summer: 6 Weeks
Location: The Center at Rocky Fork, 480 Rocky Fork Blvd     
Class Title/Age Day Date                       Time         RDR/SR     
300101B   TmbTots/2-3 Tue     June 30-Aug 11 5:30-6:00pm $60/$70
300101D   TmbTots/2-3 Tue     June 30-Aug 11 5:00-5:30pm $60/$70
300102B   TmbTykes/3-4 Tue     June 30-Aug 11 6:00-6:30pm $60/$70 
300102D   TmbTykes/3-4 Tue     June 30-Aug 11 4:00-4:30pm $60/$70 
300103B   TmbKidsI/ 4-5 Tue     June 30-Aug 11 6:30-7:00pm $60/$70 
300104B   TmbKidsII/5-6 Tue     June 30-Aug 11 7:00-7:30pm $60/$70 
300108B   TurboTmb/7-12 Tue     June 30-Aug 11 7:30-8:00pm $60/$70


Engineering for Kids
We put the excitement in S.T.E.M. education by offering hands-on-learning for children ages 4 to 14 through FUN activities from designing and constructing rockets, hot air balloons, and toys to robotics, video game designing and creating fun objects using LEGO® bricks and the latest technology. Building on natural curiosity and developing problem-solving skills, our hands-on programs will foster a lifelong love of science and discovery in your child.

Junior Aerospace
The Junior Aerospace Engineering classes introduce our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design. Through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct airplanes, rockets, hot air balloons and more.

Ages: 4-6

Activity     Day           Date                         Time                       RDR/SR
302701A    Tues         Apr 14–May 19        5:30-6:15p               $85/$95


Apprentice Mechanical
During the Mechanical Engineering classes, students use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and refine a variety of machines and mechanical systems. Students learn basics of fluid mechanics, simple machines, and other design and engineering concepts while constructing roller coasters, egg-drop vehicles and an incredibly fast air powered dragster they keep at the end of the course.

Ages: 7-14

Activity  Day         Date                       Time                       RDR/SR
302702A  Tues         Apr 14–May 19        6:30-8:00pm            $110/$125


Electronic Game Design Platform Games
During the Electronic Game Design: Platform classes, students will use Multimedia Fusion 2® to create their own video game. A platform game is a side-scrolling, Mario-type game where students program characters and a two-dimensional obstacle course. They attempt to avoid or overcome enemies and reach an end goal on multiple levels.  At the end of the class, students take home a copy of the game they create. Windows compatible.

Ages: 7-14

Activity     Day          Date                         Time                        RDR/SR
302703A    Thur        Apr 16–May 21        5:45-7:15pm            $110/$125



JumpBunch Sports and Fitness for Kids
Coaches lead lively, colorful and age appropriate activities fro toddlers and preschoolers that build motor skills, balance, coordination, muscles and team-work. Teaching will consist of constant praise and encouragement enabling the children to establish self confidence, healthy habits, eye/hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and balance. Each lesson features a different activity covering sports, sports readiness skills, fitness activities, and working together. For more information about this popular program, go to, or email
Location: The Center, 480 Rocky Fork Blvd
Spring Session: 8 weeks
Activity       Day        Date                       Time                RDR/SR
102001B      Thu    Apr 2-May 28+       6-6:30pm          $80-/$90- 
102002B      Thu        Apr 2-May 28         6:30-7:15pm     $80-/$90

Summer Session: 8 weeks
Activity       Day        Date                       Time                RDR/SR
302001A      Thu    June 11-Jul 30         6-6:30pm          $80-/$90- no class July 2
302002A      Thu        June 11-Jul 30         6:30-7:15pm     $80-/$90

 Mom’s Morning Off by JumpBunch Sports
Run your errands, have coffee with friends or take the morning off each Tuesday this summer. Your child will have a great morning of structured sports and fitness, crafts, games and free play led by JumpBunch Coaches. Each session features a different activity theme covering sports, sports readiness skills, fitness activities and working together. When necessary participants will be divided into appropriate age groups.  All equipment will be provided.
8 weeks (June 9-July 28; pre-registration available for individual dates)
Ages: 3-8 years

Activity     Day         Date          Time                       RDR/SR  
302003A   Tue          8 weeks     9-11:30am               $145/$165
302003B   Tue          June 9       9-11:30am                $22/$25
302003C  Tue           June 16     9-11:30am                $22/$25
302003D  Tue           June 23     9-11:30am                $22/$25
302003E   Tue          June 30     9-11:30am                 $22/$25
302003F   Tue           July 7       9-11:30am                 $22/$25
302003G  Tue           July 14     9-11:30am                 $22/$25
302003H  Tue           July 21     9-11:30am                  $22/$25
302003J    Tue          July 28     9-11:30am                  $22/$25

Location: Gahanna Golf Course Clubhouse, 220 Olde Ridenour Rd.