Most records of City Government are public records and retention and access to the records are governed by the Ohio Revised Code and the City of Gahanna Records Commission. If you wish to see or obtain a copy of a record please call the City Council office at 342-4090 or e-mail the Records Administrator at The City Records Administrator will take your request and facilitate preparing the records with the custodial office.

Records are kept for various lengths of time based on their content. For example, minutes of Council meetings are permanent records and we have these minutes back to Gahanna’s early days in 1881. Some records have a 5 year retention period or less and some have up to 20 or 30 years, all based on content and the approved records retention schedules. These schedules are also available for you to review. The law does exempt some information from being public. If we can’t give you something you request, we will tell you the part of the law that exempts it from disclosure. E-mail records are judged by the same criteria as records on paper or any format we keep them in. If the content meets the law’s definition of a public record, meaning that it documents the business activity of a public office, the message is a public record.

Our goal is good customer service and we comply with the law that requires us to prepare records promptly. Original records stay in the public office to be available to all citizens and public employees. You may bring a camera to photograph paper documents in our office. Otherwise, we need to make copies for you. The time you wait will depend on how many records you want and where they are stored. If you need a large number of records, we might ask some questions to help narrow your request to what is actually related to your subject matter. We will estimate or calculate the cost and let you know in advance in case you want to ask for fewer records. If the cost is expected to be more than $25, we might ask you to pay a $10 deposit in advance. Letter size, legal size and ledger size copies in black and white are $.05 per page. Color copies, larger copies, and non-paper copies have different costs. We have an approved fee schedule based on what it actually costs in materials to make a copy. We can tell you the cost of the kind of copy you want, and you can see the entire fee schedule. Copies are available to you in any format we store them in, or are able to produce in the normal course of business.

The CITY RECORDS COMMISSION acts under authority of Ohio Revised Code 149.39 and is charged with establishing and implementing a program to encompass such areas of records management as are required to preserve and keep in order all books, papers, documents, records and files of Council and of the executive departments of the City. The Commission adopts retention schedules for all documents and materials under its jurisdiction and once approved by the Ohio Historical Society, the records management program shall be administered according to the schedule. The schedule can be amended by the Commission and approved by the Ohio Historical Society. The Records Commission membership consists of the Mayor, Director of Finance, Director of Technology, City Attorney, Clerk of Council and a resident of the City appointed by Council.

For more information please contact our Records Administrator, Sharon Montgomery, at or call the Council Office at 342-4090.

Public Hearing Notices can be found at

Charter of the City of Gahanna Records Request Fee Schedule

Department Staff
Kimberly McWilliams, CMC
Clerk of Council

Kayla Holbrook
Deputy Clerk of Council

Sharon Montgomery
Records Administrator

Krystal Gonchar
Part Time Administrative Assistant