The City of Gahanna is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service in accordance with Ohio’s Public Records Act. It is our policy that all non-exempt public records are to be promptly made available, upon request, for inspection or copying to any person during regular business hours. 

Records are kept for various lengths of time based on the City’s approved records retention schedules (available in the Council office). There may be a charge for making copies of records, please see the City’s records request fee schedule. 

Online: City of Gahanna Public Records Request Form 

Your request is not required to be in writing, nor is it required that your name or intended use of the requested records be disclosed.

You may also submit your request by filling out the Records Request form and submitting by: 
    In person: 
Council office
200 S. Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH 43230
ATTN: Public Records 
200 S. Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH 43230
Council office: 614-342-4090 

Police Records: please contact Katey Powell, Records Administrator for the Gahanna Police Department by email: or phone: 614.342.4232

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Crash Reports
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Ohio Sunshine Laws
Ohio Revised Code Public Record Laws
Franklin County Auditor
Mifflin Township Fire Department

Department Staff
Kimberly Banning, CMC
Clerk of Council

Kayla Holbrook
Deputy Clerk of Council

Sharon Montgomery
Records Administrator

Krystal Gonchar
Council Office Assistant