City Attorney
Shane Ewald

Our current City Attorney is Shane Ewald. He was elected in November, 2011 to begin serving a four-year term commencing on January 2, 2012. The City Attorney is the legal advisor of and attorney and counsel for the City.

The City Attorney shall provide advice and legal representation to the City and all elected and appointed officials and employees of the City in their official capacities.

The City Attorney shall prosecute or defend all suits for and in behalf of the City. The City Attorney shall be the prosecuting attorney for the City and serve as legal counsel for our various boards and commissions. The City Attorney may appoint such assistants as Council may authorize.

In addition to the duties imposed upon the City Attorney by the City Charter, Council may require additional duties through ordinance. The City Attorney shall also perform the duties which are imposed upon City Law Directors by the general laws of the State.

Charter of the City of Gahanna Chapter 143 of the Codified Ordinances
Department Staff
Kim McWilliams, CMC
Clerk of Council

Donna Jernigan, MMC
Senior Deputy Clerk of Council

Becky Kneeland
Part Time Paralegal

Sharon Montgomery
Records Administrator

Jayme Maxwell
Part Time Administrative Assistant