Street Pavement Program

The City of Gahanna manages over 325 lane miles of roads that require regular maintenance to keep them in a condition that is safe for travel. The purpose of the street program is to prolong the life of city streets by providing a number of preventative maintenance measures.  These include crack sealing, micro resurfacing, asphalt overlay, and when needed a complete street rebuild. 

Overview Map & Street Listing

Street Rebuilds

  • To be Determined 

Asphalt Overlay 

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Crack Seal

  • To be Determined 

Street Ratings

The Service Department is responsible for rating the condition of all City-maintained streets. This is completed every other year. Annual overall rating of a street is called the Pavement Condition Rating (PCR). The rating system is based on a scale of 0 to 100 (100 being excellent condition). The following criteria determine a street's PCR: extent of cracking, concrete condition, crack seal condition, and pavement defects (ie: potholes, ride quality, etc). Each contributes to the overall rating; however, pavement defects are weighted the heaviest because it relates to ride quality and maintenance costs. Industry standard is for streets to rate above 75.

View current street ratings map (PDF).

Life Cycle of a Street

The following is the preventative maintenance cycle currently used to maintain residential streets. The cycle determines the next application to be performed considering the previous treatment for any given street. The 3 types of preventative maintenance applications are repeated until treatments are no longer effective after which the street is rebuilt.

Street Maintenance Cycle