In early 2022, Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists opened its business doors at 1085 E. Johnstown Road in Gahanna, relocating from its former location in Westerville. Housed in a stately, two-story building, the   medical practice is helmed by board-certified plastic surgeon Walter Bernacki, MD, who also works offsite as the head of plastic surgery at Saint Ann’s Hospital and Mount Carmel East Hospital.  

“For the same reasons that my wife and I bought our first home in Gahanna, I knew that bringing my medical practice to Gahanna was the right decision. It was our dream to buy this building. Every time we drove our kids to school in Gahanna, we glanced over to admire this impressive building,” explained Bernacki.  

Strategically situated near several hospitals and surgery centers, Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists quickly built local awareness of its services and created more access for prospective clients.  On March 3, the medical office hosted a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony that featured presentations by Gahanna Mayor Laurie Jadwin, State Representative Mary Lightbody, and the Gahanna Area Chamber. 

“Each week I see nearly 60 patients and perform about 20 surgeries. The in-demand nature of my services spans operations from trauma and reconstruction procedures to breast reduction, laser treatment, and body contouring,” shared Bernacki.  

Supported by a staff of seven employees, Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists offers flexibility in accepting varying forms of insurance and financing options. Dr. Bernacki often responds to emergency room incidents, giving him decades of empathic experience related to patient stress from unexpected or traumatic medical situations.  

“I always prioritize safety first. Overall, my treatment philosophy underscores the importance of treating each client as an individual with unique needs and concerns. Although I typically treat over 3,000 patients each year, I know this volume of service requires close care and attention to every individual,” said Bernacki. 

Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists enjoys supporting the community through sponsorships of local youth sports teams along with making shopping and dining recommendations for Gahanna businesses to its robust client base.  

“I’d love to start hosting monthly information sessions about different plastic surgery procedures, answering lingering questions to help curious individuals feel comfortable and safe. I approach each client with the mindset to determine the simplest and most affordable way to accomplish the change they’d like to see,” explained Bernacki.  

To learn more about Ohio Plastic Surgery Specialists, stop by the medical office or visit the website at