Who must file?

If a property has multiple individual owners (John, Jane, and Joe Doe), only one individual is required to file as the contact agent. If a property has only one owner but is used as a rental property, the owner must register as the rental contact liaison for the property. If the property is owned by a trust, business trust, estate, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company (LLC), association, corporation, or any other business entity, then one of the following persons, as indicated below, must file as the contact agent. If the property is owned by: 

  • a trust - a trustee must file 
  • an estate - the executor or administrator must file 
  • a partnership or a limited partnership - a general partner must file 
  • a limited liability company - a member, manager, or officer of the company must file 
  • an association - an associate representative must file 
  • a corporation – a member, manager or officer must file 
  • any other business entity - a member, manager, or office.

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