Business Spotlight: Cold Stone Creamery

Creekside’s Cold Stone Creamery thrives this time of year, welcoming families eager to savor the last of summer. Located in the heart of Gahanna’s Creekside District (101 Mill St. Suite 108), Cold Stone serves up premium ice cream in dozens of delicious flavors.

Led by independent owners and operators Maja and Dimitar Jovanski, the staff size at Cold Stone Creamery ranges from 12 in the winter months to 18, during the warm-weather months. The staff increases mainly come through employee referrals, driven largely by employee satisfaction.

“Showing visible happiness is a key part of our workforce culture. You can’t force emotions, but you can create an environment where employees are more likely to smile and show customers and prospective employees what it’s like to work here,” shared owner Dimitar Jovanski.

Because many workers at Cold Stone Creamery are high school students, the owners have learned how to help them balance scheduling demands from extracurricular activities and sports. This full-on support of employees as workers, students, and even sports players demonstrates a unique leadership aptitude critical to the growth of young adults.

“I love working for the owners, Maya and Dimitar. They really work with me around my swim team schedule at Gahanna Lincoln High School. I started working here in February 2021, and I recently started working here again after taking time off to serve the community as a lifeguard during the summer months. I’m very comfortable around the owners, and I can carry on a great conversation with them. They make me feel good about asking questions, too. I feel like they want my input on store operations, and it’s nice feel to feel valued in that way,” shared employee Sophie R.

Jovanski reiterated that one big factor toward employee retention is to lead by example. For him, this means demonstrating the humility to perform the lowest-level tasks, including washing dishes and sweeping floors.

“For me, I was almost 16 and needed a job. My mom really wanted me to get a job that I could add as a solid career reference that would provide me with marketable skills, including multi-tasking, customer service, and working well under pressure. Dog-watching and babysitting just weren’t going to provide all those opportunities. I knew some workers at Cold Stone Creamery, and I was hired the same day that I applied. Then, I encouraged my cousin Sophia and friend Haley to apply. Referring new hires is great, because it then means that I get to work with my best friends,” exclaimed crew member Margaret M.

Jovanski and his crew are eager to scoop up new employees to help serve happiness and ice cream in their Creekside location. To join them, stop in the store today or apply online.