Business Spotlight: Heart State Brewing Co.

This Business Spotlight is part of a series of posts highlighting Small Business Week (Sept. 12-18, 2021) in Gahanna!


Gahanna’s Cross Pointe Road is home to several establishments – Simple Times Mixers, Noble Cut Distillery, and Heart State Brewing Co., among others. When it comes to hiring, the newly opened Heart State Brewing Co. (750 Cross Point Rd. Suite J) has its workforce pipeline set in motion.  

Owners Max Unverferth, Patrick Sullivan, and Brad Ginger oversee the brewery and taproom, which opened this summer. This is the third and latest brewery for the trio, who also run Nowhere in Particular (Dayton, Ohio) and Somewhere in Particular (Upper Arlington, Ohio).  

“Gahanna feels like a small, tight-knit community. It feels like a home where everyone is supporting you,” shared owner Max Unverferth. 

Unverferth has spent 15 years working in the brewing industry. When it comes to growing his Gahanna staff of five, Unverferth relies on a steady stream of applicants from within the brewing industry. Unverferth, a member of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association, explained how industry networking has created meaningful friendships that result in both business partnerships and remarkable crews.  

“We’re fun, hard-working, and trustworthy business leaders. Everyone wants to be our friends. This makes it easy to line-up potential staff as job openings arise and our Gahanna brewery grows,” said Unverferth. 

Jason Brockmeyer, an intern at Heart State Brewing Co., is one example of hiring from within the brewing community. Jason is a Columbus-area firefighter who recently graduated from the University of Central Florida, where he studied brewing. As Jason transitions from firefighting to brewing, he sees a strong connection between the two career fields.  

“Through Heart State Brewing Co., I can organize community fundraising events to support local firefighters. There are endless opportunities to give back to the community through the brewing industry,” shared Brockmeyer. 

Lucas M., Heart State Brewing Co.’s Taproom Manager, was recruited from California by the three owners.  

“We are a bunch of weirdos, but we care about each other, and we care about people. For me personally, I moved back to Ohio from California to accept the position as taproom manager. What could be cooler than pushing a cool product with the people you love and trust?” exclaimed Lucas M.  

Brewing Assistant and Owner Brad Ginger described how his workplace is a career dream. 

“I love this job because I love working with my hands, and I love working with my best friends. I especially love to solve problems, and every day I am presented with a challenge that I get to overcome. The best part is that you can visibly watch people enjoy a product that you put so much time and effort into making. It doesn’t get more fulling than that,” said Ginger. 

“I want our brewery to be known as ‘Ohio’s Local Brewery’,” shared owner Patrick Sullivan. Sullivan is actively connecting with local artists through the Gahanna Area Arts Council to add lively murals inside the spacious taproom that hosts board games, ping pong, and basketball.  

Stay tuned for upcoming job openings at Heart State Brewing Co. by visiting the taproom or checking the website at