Monthly PD Bulletin – October, 2022

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2020 Police Strategic Goals Statement

A Message From the City of Gahanna and the Gahanna Division of Police:

“During this time of widespread unrest, public health challenges not seen in decades, and nationwide public concern over the integrity, training, and competency of local law enforcement agencies in general, the City of Gahanna and the Gahanna Division of Police are proud of the community we serve. Over the last two weeks, we have witnessed and participated in several peaceful demonstrations, marches and gatherings with our residents, in an effort to display our support of justice, promotion of equal treatment of all people, and demand an end to racism. Although opinions and political points of view regarding recent events across our country vary greatly, one thing remains consistent – our community expects fairness, respect, professionalism and accountability within Gahanna and, specifically, from our law enforcement officers.”

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