Fourth Floor Interactive: Entrepreneurship in Gahanna

Gahanna is home to a growing array of entrepreneurs who bring innovative products and relevant services into the marketplace.  Gahanna’s C|Suites Executive Offices at Creekside host 40 entrepreneurships, including Fourth Floor Interactive that is owned and operated by entrepreneur Jennifer Chiappisi. 

“I became an entrepreneur 13 years ago. It’s really a business lifestyle that enables you to work at any time and in any location. I have two children, and being an entrepreneur helps me to balance my work and home life better,” said Chiappisi. 

Chiappisi’s business is named after her inspirational experience working on the fourth floor of the Smith Bros.’ Building in Downtown Columbus for a large advertising agency, Northlich, where her team hustled to create interactive media. In 2008, Fourth Floor Interactive was launched, aligning Chiappisi’s passion for supporting local, small businesses with her knowledge of and experience in interactive design and development.  

“Everyone loves small businesses. They are the backbone of cities and towns – especially in Gahanna where community is so strongly valued. When small businesses share their products and services, it’s important that they convey their whole story so that friends and neighbors can truly connect with who they are. Small businesses rely on the collective community to help them succeed, and my role is to provide solid branding and immersive interactive experiences to help build and retain these key consumer relationships,” explained Chiappisi. 

Because Fourth Floor Interactive is located within C|Suites Executive Offices at 81 Mill Street Suite 300, Chiappisi can capitalize upon the vibrant amenities offered at Creekside.  

“Not only am I surrounded by so many energetic entrepreneurs, but I am also able to utilize Creekside’s beautiful natural amenities to replenish myself after a long stint of work in front of my computer. To succeed as an entrepreneur, it’s important to stay inspired and creative. I’ve had so many moments of inspiration and clarity while taking a walking break on the trails at Creekside. It’s truly amazing,” exclaimed Chiappisi.  

Aside from offering a slate of interactive and branding services, including responsive websites, logo design, and email marketing, Chiappisi builds the personal confidence of her clients. She empowers them to feel comfortable using interactive media, and more importantly, she gives them the courage to truly become the faces of their businesses, letting their authentic personalities shine through. 

“Marketing really starts to feel effortless when a business manages to create an emotional connection  with their customer, simply by sharing who they are and why they do what they do. Those emotional bonds and brand loyalty are not easily broken, and that is where true success lies – connecting with your customers,” explained Chiappisi, whose own business has grown exponentially since the global pandemic took hold.  

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