Gahanna’s CORA Proves to be Year Round Success

Since Gahanna’s Creekside Outdoor Refreshment Area (CORA) was launched in October of 2020, the program has been a success despite an ongoing global pandemic. Creekside businesses have directly benefitted from this program, even during the cold-weather months. 

This Sunday, Visit Gahanna’s sold-out Creekside Cocktail and Chocolate Walk will bring 100 ticketholders to the vibrant mixed-use district. With over 150 people on the waitlist, anticipation is high for this Creekside event that underscores CORA’s benefits.  

Lori Kappes, Executive Director of Visit Gahanna, provided insight into the organization’s goals. “Since the launch of CORA, our organization has hosted multiple new events in an effort to attract visitors and residents to Creekside. Our hope was that these activities would give people additional reasons to utilize the CORA by providing entertainment in the Creekside District.”  

Brandon Ferguson, General Manager at Creekside’s Barrel and Boar BBQ Gastropub stated that Creekside events hosted by Visit Gahanna have been extra beneficial for Barrel and Boar due to the CORA. “Even winter events, like the recent Holiday Lights and Luminary Walk, were great for our business as people ordered drinks to take outside. We’ve also created winter-style drinks to help people stay warm outside. Due to the CORA, people end up spending more money and more time in Creekside, which supports our business,” he explained.  

CORA gives residents and guests the opportunity to explore the Creekside District while enjoying adult beverages. Beverages that are purchased from a participating business within the CORA and that are in the designated CORA cup may be carried within the CORA boundaries.   

“CORA has been an integral part of my business since the program’s launch,” said Shawn White, owner of Nostalgia Brewing Co. “Almost every Creekside event has had an amazing turnout for to-go beer and cocktails from our location. We sold over 2,400 wristbands in 2021. A portion of CORA wristband sales goes back to the Creekside District Alliance for marketing and events.” 

During the upcoming Creekside Cocktail and Chocolate Walk, participants will be treated to unique samples from 8 different spots. This walkable event also showcases the value of Gahanna’s trails that connect the Creekside shopping district to the natural amenities along Big Walnut Creek. 

“When our space is full, people can enjoy CORA drinks outside on the trails while they wait for a table to open up. That has been a popular feature of the CORA program. We can’t wait for more programming to return, including Live at Five on Fridays (Creekside Live). Overall, we’re really happy with the program,” shared Sara McMain, General Manager at the Creekside Local Cantina. 

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