Healthy Day Nutrition Embraces Local Partnerships

In November 2021, Landis Crawford and Tottiani Ousley opened Healthy Day Nutrition at 1022 N. Hamilton Road in the Silver Lane Center plaza. As a new black-owned business in Gahanna, owners Crawford and Ousley quickly collaborated with other nearby black-owned businesses to increase the overall area’s customer base and commercial profitability.

“It’s huge to have local black-owned businesses helping each other. Teamwork makes the dreamwork,” said Crawford, who partners with Joneswear Screen Printing and The Whole You Wellness Studio.

As former employees at Raider Nutrition in Reynoldsburg, Ousley and Crawford jumped at the opportunity to open a new business in Gahanna.

“Gahanna is a great place to open your first business, and we know a lot of people in this dynamic community. Setting-up a business in this sunlit space was a quick, turn-key move,” explained Crawford.

Healthy Day Nutrition features over 60 protein shake flavors along with herbal iced teas, including fan favorites Summer Breeze and Pink Starburst. To warm up, customers can order hot chocolates, teas, and shakes, including apple cider, salted caramel hot chocolate, and peppermint Oreo shakes.

“As a business management major in college, I knew I wanted to work in the hospitality industry by providing great customer service. I’ve used many creative approaches to build our customer base and workforce, including customer loyalty programs and fun programming,” shared Crawford.

Healthy Day Nutrition performed a “tea drop” at fellow businesses in the Silver Lake Center plaza, earning new fans from Ange’s Pizza and L.A. Nails, who have marketed Healthy Day Nutrition to their own customers. Walk-in customers from the nearby Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Outpatient Care facility have also helped Healthy Day Nutrition form a strong foundation in Gahanna.

“The crew from Gahanna’s Capital Construction and Remodeling visit us at least once a day and recommended we get our apparel from a nearby black-owned business, Joneswear. It means a lot for us to help fellow minority-run businesses succeed, which is why we’ve also collaborated with The Whole You Wellness Studio, another black-owned business just next door,” exclaimed Crawford.

Crawford and Ousley aggressively partnered with the Gahanna Public School District, where they discovered three motivated crew members. Healthy Day Nutrition is eager to provide sports sponsorships for the volleyball, softball, and track teams. Like many Gahanna businesses, the Gahanna Lincoln High School students frequent Healthy Day Nutrition during their lunch break.

“On top of our outreach efforts, we’re excited to host fun programming here. We have a paint and sip night coming up on February 19 at 4 pm. It’s critical to keep business fun, and this creative event is a great fit for our space,” said Crawford.

To learn more about Healthy Day Nutrition, stop in the shop or visit the website.