NEW Business Spotlight: MicroGiants

Gahanna residents Nate & Whit Lundquist had been planning to start an urban farm for about a year, but they were busy with content creation projects (film, advertising, etc.) through their company Framework. When the pandemic hit, much of that work disappeared. With extra time on their hands and an awareness in the community for locally grown produce, they focused on how they could serve the community. That’s how MicroGiants—their local company offering fresh microgreens delivered directly to your door—was born.

“The mission of MicroGiants is to protect the health of our local community through delicious, locally grown, organic, microgreens,” Nate said. “The question I always ask is, would you rather have your greens grown far away by someone you don’t know, and shipped over vast distances to be placed in grocery stores where they sit on shelves for long periods of time OR have your greens grown specifically for you by a local farmer you actually know–and have them delivered fresh right to your door within 24 hours of being harvested?”

MicroGiants focuses on growing a small, popular variety that covers a broad spectrum of flavor and offers high nutrient value. They grow Sunflower, Pea Shoots, Radish, Wheatgrass (for juicers), and a Spicy Salad Mix containing Broccoli, Kale, Arugula, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, Red Acre Cabbage, and Southern Giant Mustard.

“Based on a study from the University of Maryland, the microgreens we grow can contain up to 40 TIMES the amount of nutrients per-gram as fully grown veggies,” he said. “We grow vertically indoors so we can very precisely control the growing conditions and serve our customers all year around. When other local produce is out of season, you can still get fresh farm-to-table microgreens delivered weekly right to your door. It’s especially key going into fall and winter when protecting against sickness is all the more crucial. Microgreens are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.”


“We take GREAT care in cleanliness, from mask wearing to sterilizing our growing supplies to overall hygiene. Our oldest daughter, who is nine now, actually had two liver transplants in 2015, so we’re very used to protecting our family from germs and harmful bacteria. We apply all of that experience when it comes to growing healthy and safe microgreens for the people we serve.”

To learn more, visit or find MicroGiants at the Gahanna Farmers Market.