Small Business Model: Consider the Pitabilities

Pitabilities – Taste of Gahanna 

Owner – Jim Pashovich – 

In February 2020, Pitabilities moved its headquarters to 689 Cross Pointe Road in Gahanna just as a global pandemic was taking hold. Although the pandemic placed wide-ranging hardships upon food truck businesses like Pitabilities, the company is still growing and hiring.

Pitabilities, a Mediterranean food company that serves fresh, pita-based meals, is participating in the 24th Annual Taste of Gahanna that runs through November 11.  A $130 value of food vouchers can be purchased from the Gahanna Area Chamber of Commerce for only $75 at 

“My leadership style has changed throughout COVID,” shared Owner Jim Pashovich. “I care about my people even more, and I will really do anything I can to help them. I will even give a cash advance if my workers need it. My first core value is that we are all family here.” 

Pashovich started Pitabilities in 2011 and runs a second location in Hilliard. The company boasts a crew of 35 with four food trucks. Nearly 90 percent of new hires are from quality employee referrals. To build morale, the crew meets quarterly to discuss new ideas along with ongoing issues. Additionally, crew members who go above and beyond are awarded with a surprise bonus for maintaining a positive attitude when asked to do more.  

“Employee tips average from $5 to $7 per hour, meaning that total hourly income can reach $20 per hour. Overall, I just want to foster a fun place to work. Food trucks are great because you are constantly moving – seeing new places and meeting new faces,” exclaimed Pashovich. 

General Manager Brian T. shared, “I really respect Jim and what he has built for himself. He’s a great person to bounce creative ideas off of, and we’ve even had some great times this past year despite all the stresses of COVID. It’s great to work at Pitabilities in Gahanna, because I am in walking distance of many other great businesses also on Cross Pointe Road, including Heart State Brewing Co. and Simple Times Mixers.”  

Company goals include opening a sit-down café within its headquarters, launching a revamped online workforce development program to include video training, and long-term planning for space expansion.  

“I really wanted to work in the food industry because I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my grandma when I was growing up,” said team member Khalil S. “Jim really helps you with everything, and the company has the same family feel that I experienced as a child. As a company team, we address issues together, and our food company is well run and put together. It’s inspiring to work here, because one day I want to start my own food company and pass that along to my kids.” 

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