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Gahanna has a wide variety of school break and summer camp programs and options available to help customize and suite your family’s needs and your camper’s interests. In addition to its in-house Camp Friendship Camping Company’s programs, Parks and Recreation also partners with several other organizations to provide specialty camp programs. These specialty camp programs are run by the third party organization, but registration takes place through Parks and Recreation.



Engineering for Kids school day off, school break, and summer camp programs offer a wide variety of programming, from themed weekly sessions to day by day camp options that allow campers to experience numerous engineering concepts and activities each day. Engineering for Kids puts the excitement in S.T.E.M. education by offering hands-on-learning for youth through FUN activities from designing and constructing rockets, hot air balloons and toys to robotics, video game designing and creating fun objects using LEGO® bricks and the latest technology. Building on natural curiosity and developing problem-solving skills, these hands-on programs will foster a lifelong love of science and discovery in your child.


Jump Start Sports Camps are fun-oriented and highly instructional. The relaxed and nurturing atmosphere enables children to learn, grow, make friends and have a meaningful summer experience. The camps focus on the fundamentals of the sport for beginners, but more experienced players will learn more advanced concepts and be coached at their ability and level of understanding as well. Jump Start Sports Camps also focus on children learning proper sportsmanship and understanding the importance of recreational game play and the benefits of physical activity. Staff utilize innovative drills, competitions and games to help teach as well as to make the programs more fun for campers.


Little Medical School and Little Veterinarian School each offer a week-long camp program during the summer, allowing campers to get a more intensive, hands-on experience. Campers learn the ins and outs of either a doctor or veterinarian’s office, as well as participate in engaging, interactive activities that help them learn and explore the various medical fields.


Silly Sets is a fitness program designed to introduce preschoolers to the sport of tennis. Each participant will learn the basic fundamentals of the game, including tossing, catching, racquet swing and footwork. All ages will develop coordination, balance and agility in a fun, playful environment using soft, foam equipment that is age appropriate. Silly Sets camp allows for this tennis instruction to be focused into one week during the summer instead of spread out over a few weeks as it is during the weekly session option.


Gahanna Parks and Recreation offers in-house school break and summer camp programs that are accredited by the American Camp Association and run by Gahanna Parks and Recreation staff. These programs are under the umbrella of the Camp Friendship Camping Company (CFCC), allowing them to follow the same set of policies and procedures as well as the same set of health forms and registration requirements.

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