#RecycleRight: Feet on the Street Comes to Gahanna

Did you know it’s cheaper to recycle than it is to send waste to the landfill? It’s true.

The City pays roughly $35 per ton for recycling, but almost $40 per ton for materials sent to the landfill. It’s the right thing to do for our planet and the right thing to do for our budget.

Beginning this week through June 22, you may see someone in your neighborhood looking in your recycling cart. They will be conducting a very brief visual inspection of your recycling cart contents, and will give you an “oops” tag if there are contaminants found in your cart. This is a part of our Feet on the Street recycling education program – which will help us #RecycleRight in Gahanna!


Over the last two decades, Central Ohio residents and communities, including Gahanna, have embraced recycling. One of the biggest challenges with recycling is unintended contamination. Placing non-recyclable items in your recycling cart can cause processing problems at the recycling facility, increase processing costs and can jeopardize curbside recycling programs.

“Cart Tagging” has proven to be an impactful way to educate residents and reduce contamination by providing direct feedback on their recycling behaviors. Stay tuned to find out more about the Feet on the Street program coming to Gahanna this spring, in partnership with SWACO, The Ohio State University, The Recycling Partnership, The Good Land, and the Ohio EPA.