Unidirectional Hydrant Flushing

Gahanna has begun unidirectional waterline flushing in the central and northeast quadrant of Gahanna. The work will continue through the summer, and will be completed in August.

Over time, solids may settle on the bottom of the water main pipes. This reduces the amount of water that can easily flow through the pipes.

Unidirectional flushing is a systematic and controlled procedure that uses water at a high velocity to remove sedimentation, improve water quality, and increase the flow efficiency within the waterlines of the distribution system. This preventative maintenance technique is endorsed and encouraged by the Ohio EPA.

This cleaning and maintenance process can potentially cause a temporary change in water color, odor or taste. This is due to sediment being stirred up in the pipes. Any changes in water quality should be flushed out after 5 – 10 minutes of running water inside your home. Please call 614-342-4440 if you have any questions or concerns.