Unidirectional Hydrant Flushing Has Begun

The rate that water flows through water mains is fairly low. Due to this factor, solids may settle on the bottom of the pipes. Over time this reduces the amount of water that can easily flow through the pipes. Furthermore, it can potentially cause color, odor or taste issues when sediment is stirred up in the pipes. Unidirectional flushing is a systematic and controlled procedure that uses water at a high velocity to remove sedimentation, improve water quality and increase the flow efficiency within the waterlines of the distribution system. This preventative maintenance technique is endorsed and encouraged by the Ohio EPA.

Specific valves on each waterline are closed to allow the water to flow quickly through the pipes and exit a specified hydrant. A diffuser will be attached to the hydrant outlet that spreads the released water over a large area. This prevents damage to roads, sidewalks and vegetation. The fast moving water removes sediment and stale water out of the waterlines. Water will continue to flow until it is clear.

Gahanna is continuing another year of unidirectional waterline flushing. The City will be flushing the NE quadrant of Gahanna beginning in May and will continue through the summer ending in August.