Trails & Bikeways

The City of Gahanna has approximately 20 miles of trails, including the Big Walnut Trail. The Gahanna Trails System includes dedicated multi-use paths, signed bicycle routes, bicycle lanes and paved shoulders. Download the Gahanna Parks & Trails Guide or pick-up a copy at City Hall. 

Big Walnut Trail

The Big Walnut Trail is part of the Central Ohio Greenways system. Currently, 4.6 miles of the trail runs from Morse Rd. south and ends just beyond the Gahanna Swimming Pool. The trail connects many of our parks including: Academy Park, Woodside Green Park, Gahanna Municipal Golf Course, Creekside Park & Plaza, Veterans Memorial Park and the Gahanna Swimming Pool. A planned connector will eventually extend the trail south to Pizzuro Park.

Central-Ohio-Greenways Opens in new windowLearn more about the Central Ohio Greenways system.


Trail Etiquette

  • Avoid blocking trail. Move off trail when stopped.
  • Respect others and private property.
  • Pets must be leashed. Obey the scoop law.
  • Unauthorized motorized vehicles prohibited.
  • Observe a 15 MPH speed limit.
  • Abide by all signage.
  • Yield to cross traffic at intersections.
  • Keep right except to pass.
  • Announce passing.

Safety Reminders for Bicyclists

Courtesy of Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

Bicyclists Should:

  • Strive to be as predictable as possible.
  • Follow the same rules of the road as other drivers: stop at stop signs and red lights; ride in the same direction as other traffic.
  • Position themselves at least a few feet from the cub and avoid riding in the gutter. When parked cars are present, steer clear of the “door zone.”
  • Not weave in and out of traffic or pass queued traffic at a stop sign or traffic light, unless a bike lane is provided.
  • Yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and on multi-use paths and sidewalks (where sidewalk riding is permitted).
  • (In most cases) not ride on sidewalks. This is especially important in urban areas, as motorists are less likely to see bicyclists behind parked cars, street trees and other obstacles. Bikes on sidewalks also hinder and endanger pedestrian travel.
  • Ride single file or pull over when cars are backed up behind your group, use hand signals and make eye contact, and use the full lane when it is unsafe for cars to pass.


Gahanna Parks and Recreation has a new Parks and Trails Guide available to help you navigate our amazing natural resource areas. Whether you are a frequent parks and trails enthusiast or just beginning your journey, we hope this map serves as a useful tool for your next adventure. 

Pick up a copy of the Trails map at Gahanna City Hall or the Gahanna Library.

If you live outside the area, you can request a print copy of the guide be mailed to you by completing an online Request for Parks and Trails Guide form.

Download a digital copy of the Parks and Trails Guide (PDF)