Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The City of Gahanna Capital Improvement Plan is intended to identify, plan for, and prioritize all major financial investments that support the City’s core functions.  The CIP is primarily a financial management tool used by the City to ensure public dollars are being leveraged strategically to address critical needs. Capital improvements refer to major, non-recurring physical expenditures such as upgrading or expanding public infrastructure, acquiring land or buildings for public purposes, purchasing equipment, or implementing core technology systems.   Common projects identified for capital expenditures include:  

  • Improvements to public infrastructure. 
  • Upgrading parks and recreation facilities.
  • Purchase of major equipment.
  • Implementing information technology equipment, systems, and applications.
  • Acquisition of land for public purposes.
  • Construction, expansion or major renovation of a public building or facility.
  • Related planning, engineering, design, appraisal, or feasibility costs.

Plans & Reporting