Fair Housing Board


The Fair Housing Board is charged with hearing complaints on alleged housing discrimination in accordance with City of Gahanna Codified Ordinances Chapter 790, 791, and 792. The Board is comprised of three members currently serving on the Civil Service Commission. City Council retains two appointments to the board. The Mayor retains one appointment to the board. Members serve for three years and until a successor is appointed. Board members are not compensated for their service.

The Board shall meet at least once per year, and such meeting shall include on the agenda the following: 1) Adoption, modification, or review of the Board’s Rules of Procedure; 2) Training on fair housing laws or other relevant topics as determined by the Fair Housing Officer; and 3) Any additional topics or items as determined by the Fair Housing Officer. For current Fair Housing Board Rules of Procedure, please contact councilstaff@gahanna.gov.

The Fair Housing Officer is designated by the City Attorney pursuant to City of Gahanna Codified Ordinances 791.08. The current Fair Housing Officer for the City of Gahanna is Matt Roth, Assistant City Attorney.

The procedure for filing complaints with the Board is outlined in the City of Gahanna Codified Ordinances 790.02. There are no fees associated with filing a complaint by an alleged aggrieved party or the Fair Housing Officer.

Fair Housing Board Rules & Procedures

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Regular & Special Meetings

  • All meetings held as needed

Organizational Meetings

  • Held in January each year

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available 24 hours before a meeting and minutes are posted within 2 weeks following a meeting.

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