Code Enforcement Division

Code Violations

The Division of Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing property and zoning codes. This includes both the City of Gahanna Codes and the International Property Maintenance Codes (IPMC) that protect the health, safety, and well-being of the community. Typical violations may include:

  • Building maintenance;
  • Commercial vehicles on residential property; 
  • Construction without a permit;
  • Excessive grass & weeds (exceeding 8 inches in height);
  • Excessive junk & debris;
  • Trash/recycling containers left at the curb (longer than 24 hours after pickup);
  • Vehicles & trailers (inoperable or parked in the yard);
  • Zoning requirements; and,
  • Other similar violations.

Please visit the City's online portal to submit a code violation.

Other Incidents 

Please note that the following incidents should be directed to the Gahanna Police Department non-emergency line at 614-342-4240.

  • Noise violations, barking dogs, or loose dogs;
  • Structures placed on the street (e.g., basketball hoops or storage units);
  • Vehicles or trailers parked on the street; or,
  • Vehicles or trailers parked obstructing the sidewalk.

Rental Registration

The Rental Registration program requires all residential rental properties to register with the City of Gahanna. Through the registration process, the Division of Code Enforcement works with property owners to provide a point of contact for rental units and address code violations. For more information, please visit the Rental Registration page

  1. Code Enforcement

    Physical Address
    200 S Hamilton Road
    Gahanna, OH 43230

  1. Brian Reynolds

    Code Enforcement Officer

  2. Kyle Whalen

    Code Enforcement Officer

  3. Matt Messbarger

    Code Enforcement Officer