The Department of Engineering is responsible for the capital planning, design, and construction of transportation and mobility systems (roads, bridges, sidewalks etc.) and public utilities infrastructure (sanitary, storm, and domestic water).  The department works in close coordination with the Department of Public Service, Streets and Utilities divisions to bring improvements and address areas of critical need throughout the City. 

The department assures conformance to all engineering standards for development occurring within the City.  Work within the department can be identified into 4 main categories; Transportation & Mobility, Utility Systems (sanitary, storm water, domestic water), right-of-way administration and private development review.  The department oversees the Capital Improvement Plan related to these categories.  

The department is responsible for:

  • Roads & Bridges, including traffic control devices
  • Annual Street Maintenance Program
  • Sidewalk Maintenance Program
  • Underground Utility Improvements (Sanitary, Storm Water, Water)

Capital Improvements

Private Development